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Easy Self-Wringing

Super Absorbent Microfiber

Flexible Swivel Head

The super absorbent mop head (14'' in diameter) is made of over 8,000 strands of microfiber that pick up hair and dust when used dry, and lock in spills and stubborn stains when used wet instead of pushing them around. Microfiber is a polyester and nylon fiber that is split many times smaller than a human hair. This allows it to penetrate cracks and crevasses that are beyond the reach of cotton cloths while absorbing up to 8 times its weight in liquid. In addition, microfiber is also proven to be better than cotton at capturing bacteria. A recent study by the University of California - Davis Medical Center showed that microfiber mops can effectively reduce bacteria on the floors by 99%, 3X better than conventional cotton mops.

Why Twist and Shout Mop™​?

The specially designed swivel head allows the mop handle to bend 180° and easily clean the hardest reachable areas under furniture and around tight corners.​ If you ever need to take a break during cleaning, simply set the mop handle in vertical position and the swivel head will hold it in place without additional support, freeing your hands for something else.

Twist and Shout Mop uses a mechanical principle that converts vertical motions into rotations at up to 2500 rpmBy gently pushing down the handle, the rotating mop head creates a powerful centrifugal force that strips off any excess water as it spins inside the bucket. Unlike other spin mops, Twist and Shout Mop does NOT have the easily breakable foot pedal.

Lightweight & Adjustable Handle

Made of aluminum alloy, the super lightweight, yet durable handle, is extremely easy to use. With its adjustable height, the 56-inch long handle suits almost anyone. It is also certified to withstand >60,000 push cycles, making it virtually indestructible.

Thoughtfully designed, Twist and Shout Mop™ is the original self-wringing spin mop that easily spins dry with a gentle manual push and uses microfiber to clean all surfaces without leaving any streaks. Just use water or any preferred solution for a sparkling clean floor and reuse the mop head over and over again. Or simply use it as a dust mop to catch pets' hair and dust. It works well with wood floor cleaning, tile cleaning and any type of stone cleaning. You will love how quick, easy, and fun this mop makes cleaning for you! 

Anti-Splash Guard
8" Longer Handle & Thicker Pole
NEW Improvements
  • Anti-Splash Guard
  • 2X Stronger Handle
  • 8" Longer Handle
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