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User's Guide
User's Guide


1. What types of floor is Twist and Shout Mop safe to use on?
Due to its soft and absorbent microfiber material, Twist and Shout Mop is safe to use on all types of floor including ceramic tiles, wood floor, laminate, vinyl, linoleum, stone and marble.

2. What cleaning solutions can be used?

Most cleaning solutions work with Twist and Shout Mop. We suggest avoiding bleach, vinegar, 409 or any other corrosive cleaning solutions.

3. How long does the mop head last?
It depends on the usage. Normally, it lasts about 6 to 12 months.

4. Is the mop head washable?
Absolutely. The mop head is machine washable. We recommend gentle cycle and air dry after wash.

5. Can Twist and Shout Mop be used as both dry and wet mop?

Absolutely. The microfiber material of the spin mop head is very soft and effective for cleaning different surfaces without ever leaving a scratch.  Hence, it can be used as a wet mop and/or as a dry mop to catch pet's hair and dust, and even car wash mop.  

6. Will Twist and Shout Mop leave a residue or streak on the floor?

No, the microfiber nature of the mop head absorbs spills and cleans grime while leaving your floor sparkling clean.

7. How long is the mop handle and is it adjustable? 
The mop handle is 56" long when fully extended and is adjustable. To adjust it, just unlock the mop handle, adjust the height, and lock it. For the mop head to spin in the wringer, the mop handle needs to be unlocked.


​8. How big is the mop head?

The microfiber mop head measures 14'' in diameter. 


​9. How much water can the bucket hold?

When filled up to the "Max Level" line, the bucket holds around 2 gallons.

​​10. Can the bucket or mop handle be purchased individually?

Yes, please visit the Warranty page on our website.


11. Can I buy replacement parts for Twist and Shout Mop?

Yes, please visit the Warranty page on our website.

​​12. What makes Twist and Shout Mop unique compared to other manufacturers' spin mops?
Unlike other spin mops such as the Hurricane Mop or the O'Cedar Easy Wring, Twist and Shout Mop does not have a foot pedal, thus preventing potential slips. Its extra durable alluminum alloy handle is SGS certified to sustain >60,000 pushes, making it virtually indestructible.  

13. What is the warranty on this product?

The product is warranted for one year from the date of purchase against all defects in craftsmanship and materials when used in compliance with the instructions in the User's guide. View additional information about the warranty policy and how to get replacement parts here.

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