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Warranty Information


The product is warranted for 1 year (except for US based Amazon customers who are entitled to a lifetime warranty if they bought the product in 2016 or later) from the date of purchase against all defects in craftsmanship and materials when used in compliance with the instructions in the User's Guide. For Canada based customers, the product is warranted for 1 year and shipping of replacement parts to Canada is the customer's responsibility. We recommend that users watch the "How To" videos on our website to get the most out of Twist and Shout Mop.


As a reminder, the following are the do's and don'ts:


- Do read and follow the instructions sheet to avoid misuse and prevent accidental damage.

- Do flip the white lever to "SPIN & MOP" before pressing down the handle and leave it in this position even while mopping.

- Do sweep or vacuum prior to mopping.


- Don't step on the blue disc during mop head removal. Step on the white microfiber to avoid damaging the blue disc.

- Don't apply excessive pressure in the middle of the handle while mopping. For scrubbing, step on the microfiber instead.

- Don't leave any microfiber strands outside the spin basket when wringing. To prevent splashing, start spinning slowly first, then pick up speed.


If your product is dysfunctional due to a manufacturing defect, please email us a picture of the defective part(s) to for a free replacement. Otherwise, you can directly purchase spare parts of Twist and Shout Mop here.


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